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The world's most advanced Bio Mechanical Equipment for Exercise and Health, specialising in Rehabilitation and Strength training.

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Our expert Physiotherapist's, Exercise Physiologist's, Podiatrist's & Dietitians will be there to guide you on this journey toward living a life disease and pain-free and ultimately achieving a healthier happier you.

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You have taken the first step in beginning a new healthy lifestyle and we invite you to book an initial consultation with our superstar practitioners. Begin your journey with us in achieving a healthier happier you.

A private one on one consultation with a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist can help you address pain (acute or chronic), improve function and attend with a wide variety of health conditions or Injuries.

• A private one on one consultation with our Podiatrists will help you address any lower limb complications including anything feet.

• A private one on one consultation with Dietitians will enable you to get back on track with anything food including weight loss and meal planning.

We plan with you and design programs tailored for you, this is the most comprehensive choice of investment for your health. We also provide cost-effective strength, cardio and flexibility sessions to continue on your journey. This will allow you to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and achieve results for a brighter future.

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