Rachel Unthank – First Impression

Who Am I?

Rachel Unthank

I completed my Bachelor of Business at Bond University and after working across a variety of industries decided to pursue a more active and fulfilling career. I began my Pilates instructor training in 2014 and have taught ever since. I completed additional training in specialized areas such as bone health and SIJ dysfunction, and I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the best minds in the industry.

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Exercise Science and will be completing post-graduate studies in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Being able to combine my business background and love of all things movement and health is incredibly rewarding, and I love seeing clients surprise themselves with their progress, challenging what they believe they are physically capable of and achieving overall freedom in their movement.

Specialist area: Pilates

Fun fact: I’m one of the few people on the planet that doesn’t like Nutella!



Julie Hadley – First Impression

Who am I?

I am very passionate when it comes to providing the best quality Customer Service there is.

To my clients and to my team members I feel very strong with regards to making people feel comfortable and nurtured.

My goal is to always help people through their journey offering superb care and support.

I originally came from the UK with a long & outstanding history of Administration and Customer Service.

In addition, I completed a full UK qualification in Childcare, this enabled me to extend and broaden my caring, nurturing nature. Offering support, guidance, and confidentiality to parents/carers and their children.

I am a very proud mum of two boys and I am always involved in their activities. Health is key to how we function with ourselves and with others.

This is why I have started this incredible part of my journey with StudioXphys. I am absolutely loving being a part of this amazing team here and cannot wait to welcome you to StudioXphys.

Specialist areas: Caring, nurturing, communicating, listening, Supporting and all areas of Customer service, Administration and Bookkeeping

Fun Fact: I always apologise to inanimate objects once I’ve walked or knocked into them. So if it’s my mistake I automatically say sorry regardless of who or what. I also talk to animals the same way I talk to babies.