Massage Therapy at StudioXphys

We hear it all the time…..

Things like, I just feel tight…

no stretch or movement seems to help…

I am having trouble sleeping…

I feel stressed and I seem to tire easily…

If any of these things relate to you, well you’re in luck. We have formulated for you, 4 expert options to help you live life energy-rich, feeling great, moving well and just super happy!

How GOOD does it feel after a massage?! well we are not just your regular massage therapists : ) We will help you to connect your mind, body, and soul so you walk away with a total vitality and a stress-free sense of wellbeing!

Option 1 – Remedial Massage(Private health rebates :D) – We are all affected by stress causing knotted, tense muscles. Our Remedial Massage is like a super-powerful dose of painkiller x 5 to target those aches, taking the edge off the pain so you can think and move more freely while we establish a plan to reduce the recurrence of tension.

Option 2 – Relaxation Massage – Modern life is filled with us giving more of our time, energy and loving to everyone in our lives. Sometimes the one who misses out is us. (We get it) Do yourself a favor and reward yourself with some time, energy and TLC by having a relaxation massage with a combination of beautiful oils blended to create a moment of pure bliss you can carry through the day, night and beyond.

Option 3 – Lomi Lomi Massage – Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage is a Hawaiian massage that has long gentle flowing strokes.  It uses hands as an extension of our hearts and we use our breath to center and make ourselves fully present so we can connect with you. (sounds intense? it is!)

Option 4 – Reflexology- Reflexology is deeply relaxing and involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet.  It stimulates your whole body through your feet but at the same time giving you a totally relaxing experience where your feet feel like they are walking on air!

We look forward to helping you feel great and live life stress-free.

Options for Physiotherapy

Health Fund Rebates Available

$95 for 60mins

$60 for 30mins

Do yourself a favor and book in below (it will just take 2 minutes)